FAQ: 1994 Four Winds Class C Motorhome Where Is Aux Battery Switch?

Where is the battery disconnect switch RV?

As implied by the name, an RV battery disconnect switch provides you with a simple way to cut off the main RV circuit from your battery. Typically, this switch is located near your battery inside the battery compartment, but it may also be in a nearby maintenance bay.

What is an auxiliary start switch?

The push button “Aux Start” button engages a relay that temporarily connects the Coach batteries to the Chassis batteries to allow the Coach batteries to “Boost” the Chassis battery allowing the engine to be started. As soon as the “Aux Start” button is released, the batteries are once again isolated.

What is aux start?

If the chassis battery is dead, press AND HOLD the AUX (emergency start) button while turning the key to start the engine. This lets the engine try to start using the house (coach) battery(ies). Once the engine has started release the AUX button.

How does the battery charging system work in a motorhome?

The Basics of RV Battery Charging Deep cycle 12-volt batteries are charged when they are connected to a power source with a voltage greater than 12 volts, usually 120 or 240 volts. This drives a powerful current through the wet cell and polarizes the internal lead plates that store the charge.

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Is it bad to leave your RV plugged in all the time?

If you leave your RV battery plugged in after it’s fully charged, it can deplete the cells’ electrolyte levels. Overcharging is common when RVs are left plugged in without a battery tender for months on end, so be careful, especially when storing RVs over the winter.

Should RV battery disconnect be on positive or negative?

I recommend installing battery disconnect switches on the negative lead. Many RV’s come with the battery disconnect switches installed on the positive battery lead into the RV. This has been common practice for many years and it does work, however, installing it on the negative side has an additional benefit.

How do I start my RV generator?

Most onboard generators will have the primer button and starter button located next to each other. To prime your generator, push the prime button down 2-3 times and then hold the start button down until the engine starts.

Can you jump start a motorhome from a car?

Jump Starting Your Motorhome You will need another vehicle to jump -start your battery from and this should be in good condition. You could use your tow-car if you have one, or you should find another motorhome user who will help you out. This should kick start your battery and you will be up and running.

How do I know if my deep cycle battery is bad?

There are some sure ways you can tell if your battery is bad by simply taking a good look. There are a few things to inspect, such as: a broken terminal, bulge or bump in the case, crack or rupture of the case, excessive leaking, and discoloration. Broken or loose terminals are dangerous, and can cause a short circuit.

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Can I run my RV fridge on battery while driving?

Yes, you can certainly run your RV refrigerator while driving. But you will need to decide on the level of RV travel safety risk you are willing to take.

Does a camper fridge run while driving?

Some generators limit the amount of power they supply while the RV is in motion for safety and fuel conservation purposes. Because a fridge draws so much power, your generator may not be able to run it while you’re driving.

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