FAQ: Why Motorhome Shower Drips?

Why does my shower drips water randomly?

A random or intermittent shower leak can be a plumbing problem caused by a hole in the water pipes. Cracks in the grout or tile along the shower wall or floor may also be the culprit. As well, it could be an issue with the fixtures or drain not having been installed or sealed properly.

Do RV showers have P traps?

In any shower, whether on an RV or in a stationary home, you have to have a P-trap. This is because it’s this little gadget that directs the waste from the shower away from the drain and out of the home. This helps keep down smells and fumes and prevents small organisms from entering your living space.

Why does my new shower head drip after I turn it off?

Over time, shower heads are prone to accumulate lime and other mineral deposits that clog the holes. You can suspect this is the issue if the shower head drips after you turn off the water, but eventually stops. It’s likely the head is holding water and is unable to drain quickly.

Why does my rain shower head drip?

The most common reason for rain shower heads to drip is due to the shower heads clogging over time, caused by limescale deposits as well as other minerals and bacteria.

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Do RV drains have traps?

You may also have an anti-siphon trap vent device (ASTVD) under the sinks. The issue with water P-traps in RVs in particular is the fact that the RV moves and can displace the water breaking the isolation barrier, allowing the gases to come into the living space of the RV.

What can I use instead of AP Trap?

Recently I discovered the amazing HepvO Waterless Valve. It’s a new solution to this old problem. Using a flexible silicon tube inside that seals out air but allows water to flow in one direction, it performs the same task without using any water and without being large and bulky like a p-trap.

Can I use a check valve instead of AP Trap?

Short Answer: Not usually. In many cases, check valves do not function properly on a drain line due to the orientation of the pipe line and the lack of water pressure.

How can I improve my RV shower?

6 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your RV Shower

  1. Replace your showerhead. One of the first things you probably noticed when using your RV shower is the fact that the hot water runs out really fast.
  2. Install an on-demand water heater.
  3. Get a curved curtain rod.
  4. Invest in soap dispensers.
  5. Make a DIY baby bathtub.
  6. Put up a towel rod.

Can you install a regular shower head in an RV?

Yes, you can use a regular shower head in an RV. You don’t need a showerhead made specifically for RVs. If you want, you can get any showerhead (low flow GPM is best) and mount it.

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