Often asked: How To Mount A Cb Antenna On A Motorhome?

Does a CB antenna mount need to be grounded?

Ground Your Antenna Mount If you’re using a standard CB antenna (i.e., anything except a no ground plane, or NGP, kit), you’ll need to make sure your antenna mount is solidly grounded to the vehicle’s chassis. To ensure a good ground, check that your mount has a direct metal-on-metal connection to your vehicle’s frame.

Does a CB antenna need to be vertical?

So, ideally you want a vertical antenna. Pretty much any other shape is going to distort the polarization and result in less signal being picked up by other users. Also, a horizontally polarized antennas at CB frequencies gets to be a bit cumbersome.

Do I need a CB radio in my RV?

As an RV driver, you can use CB radio when other forms of communication are compromised. CB Radio is also a handy tool to get specific and general information about the surrounding areas. Add all this to how easy and inexpensive it is to operate, and there’s really no reason not to have one in your RV.

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How do I hook up an RV external antenna?

With A New Antenna

  1. Construct Your Antenna. Unbox your antenna and follow the manufacturer’s set up instructions diligently.
  2. Install Your Antenna. Locate a secure, unobstructed position on your RV roof to attach the antenna.
  3. Run the cables.
  4. Connect The Cables, Mount Your TV, and Run A Channel Scan.

How do I know if my CB antenna is grounded?

An easy way to test your antenna’s ground is check continuity between the CB antenna mount and your vehicle ground, because if the antenna mount is well grounded, so is your antenna. To test for continuity of electrical signal, you will need to touch the probes for your multi-meter in two locations.

Does coax length affect SWR?

As the reflected wave travels back up the cable, it adds to the magnitude of the incident wave where it arrives in-phase with it, and subtracts from the magnitude of the incident wave where it arrives out of phase with it.

Is CB Channel 9 still monitored?

Yes Channel 9 on the cb radio is still monitored by me and others.As a former Indiana State Capitol Police Officer,A Ham Radio Operator W9NES and Chief of Search and Rescue for Northwest Emergency Services Inc Volunteer SAR Team I monitor CB Channel 9 in my Emergency Responce Unit(ERU).

How high does a CB radio antenna need to be?

Generally, the higher the antenna is above ground, the better it will perform. Good practice is to install your vertical antenna about 5 to 10 feet above the roof line and away from power lines and obstructions. Remember that the FCC limits your antenna height to 60 feet.

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How do I increase the signal strength on my CB radio?

There are several procedures for ensuring maximum output.

  1. TUNE THE RADIO. A CB radio is only as good as the coax and antenna connected to it.

Where is the best place to mount a CB antenna?

How to Install a CB Antenna

  • The best place for your standard antenna is the center of your roof, where you will have the greatest ground plane coverage.
  • When you install a CB antenna on the fender, bumper, or anywhere else around the edge of your vehicle, you will have a weaker signal going away from the vehicle.

What CB channel do RV use?

Back then, as RVing was starting to take off, too, CB Radio Channel 13 was designated as the unofficial RV’ers channel. And it still technically is. It’s just that few RVers have CB today and those few still “with their ears on” tend to use Channel 19 with the truckers for road and traffic information.

Where do you mount CB antenna on Class C motorhome?

RV CB Radio Installation Tips

  1. You can mount the antenna lower on the RV to avoid hitting overpasses and such, but make sure the top 25% of the antenna is above the roof line.
  2. If you are using an NGP antenna (which you probably should be) DO NOT cut or shorten the cable.
  3. Running CB Coax.

What is Channel 9 on a CB?

Channel 9 is the universal CB emergency channel. In most areas, it is monitored by local law enforcement at all times, so please keep random chatter off this channel. Channels 17 and 19 are commonly used channels by truck drivers. 19 is often used by drivers going east or west; 17 by drivers going north or south.

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