Quick Answer: Where Can I Get Warranty Work Done On A Tiffin Motorhome?

Are Tiffin warranties transferable?

The RV Factory Warranty offered by Tiffin Motorhomes Inc is generally a one (1) year or 12,000 mile policy, expiring at time or mileage, whichever comes first. The Tiffin Warranty is also limited to the original purchaser only, and will not transfer to the new coach owner in the event that you decide to sell your rig.

Is Tiffin RV still in business?

Will I still be able to have my Tiffin serviced through Tiffin Motorhomes? Yes, all Tiffin service operations will continue as they currently are. We will not be transferring our service operations to THOR Industries in any way.

What are Tiffin Motorhomes worth?

21, 2020, at 11:57 a.m. RED BAY, Ala. (AP) — Indiana-based Thor Industries Inc. said Monday it had bought family-owned Tiffin Motorhomes, the Alabama-based manufacturer of high-end recreational vehicles, in a deal worth $300 million.

How much did Thor pay for Tiffin Motorhomes?

THOR Industries, one of the “Big Three” in the RV industry along with the aforementioned Winnebago and Forest River, has purchased Tiffin Motorhomes for $300 million. For diehard Tiffin Motorhome fans, it’s a bit like finding out your favorite sports team has just moved to another city.

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Are Tiffin Motorhomes good?

Tiffin has a reputation for making high-quality RVs. I can back that up as we’ve put about 20,000 miles on ours and it’s still holding up well. The level of quality in the Tiffin Allegro really stood out and ultimately sold us on this model over cheaper RVs. The quality is what sold us on our purchase.

Does Winnebago own Thor?

Thor’s products include conventional travel trailers; fifth wheels; truck and folding campers; and Class A, B, and C motorhomes. The company owns many well-known RV brands, including Airstream, CrossRoads, Cruiser RV, Dutchmen, Jayco, Starcraft, and Thor Motor Coach.

How many motorhomes does Tiffin make a year?

Tiffin has grown from producing two motor homes a day in 1972 to manufacturing over 3,000 RV’s a year, all the while keeping their manufacturing facility local in Red Bay and operations family owned.

How long has Tiffin RV been in business?

A family-owned business since 1972, Tiffin Motorhomes is the only privately held company of the top 5 manufacturers in the motorhome industry.

What is the most expensive RV?

The EleMMent Palazzo Superior from Marchi Mobile is the most expensive RV in the world, costing nearly $3 million. The massive motor home is 45 feet long, and features a king-size bed, rainfall shower, and expandable roof deck.

Did Tiffin sell out Thor?

Alabama-based Tiffin Motorhomes has been sold to Indiana-based THOR Industries. The Tiffin family will continue to run daily operations at the company’s four locations – Red Bay and Winfield, Alabama and Belmont and Burnsville, Mississippi.

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How long does it take to build a Tiffin motorhome?

It took 11 days to make their new motorhome, and now you can watch the entire process in just 11 minutes.

What motorhomes does Tiffin make?

Tiffin Motorhomes: Phaeton, Allegro Breeze, Allegro Bus and Zephyr.

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