Readers ask: Citation Motorhome Water Runs Into Grsh Wayet Tank When Set On Local Water Supply?

Why is my freshwater tank filling when connected to city water?

When the city water pressure feeds fresh water into the on-board fresh water tank it means one of two things: either a “quick fill” valve is left open (or is faulty), or the check valve in the outlet side of the water pump has failed. It’s not necessary to replace the complete pump.

Does RV water pump need to be on when connected to city water?

No, you should not run the RV’s fresh water pump when hooked up to city water. The city water system should provide sufficient water pressure for your RV’s fresh water system. The pump is designed only to pump water out of your RV’s fresh water holding tank when you are not hooked up to city water.

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What is the difference between city water connection and fresh water connection on a camper?

City water is used when you are at a place that supplies water for you through the use of a faucet. Hook hose from faucet to city water inlet and you’ll have water when needed. Fresh water is used to fill up the water holding tank when you are going somewhere that doesn’t provide water.

Why won’t my RV fresh water tank drain?

If you are trying to empty the tank, then you could have a plugged vent pipe or a clogged fresh water drain or even a bad check valve. If you cannot get water out of the tank with city water on, then you may have a kinked water line leading out of the fresh water tank or bad check valve.

Can urine go in a GREY water tank?

In general, you should not pee in the RV shower. The water from the shower goes straight to your gray water tank, and urine should go to the black water tank. However, sometimes urine ends up in the greywater tank. In this case, you will just need to add extra cleaning steps to keep your gray water tank clean.

Can you overfill fresh water tank?

You never want to overfill the tank. Leave the tank valve on “tank fill,” unhook the hose and store it away from your septic hoses. It’s usually a good idea to store them in completely separate compartments, if possible.

How often should I sanitize my RV water tank?

How Often You Should Sanitize. When it comes to sanitizing your RV water tank you should do it at least every six months. If you fulltime a six-month schedule is just fine. If you are intermittent when using your RV, you might want to consider a more regular schedule like every 3 months.

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Can you leave the water pump on in an RV?

ANSWER: Hi Nicole, as long as your RV is not connected to city water you can leave the fresh water pump on. As long as the pump is operating properly it will not use any power when there is no demand for water.

Can I use a garden hose for my RV?

Typical garden hoses aren’t designed for human consumption, no matter how many drinks you may have snuck out of them as a kid. The materials used to manufacture them can leech plastics, heavy metals, or other contaminants into the water. Do not use a garden hose for your RV water hose! Get a drinking water safe hose.

How do RV fresh water tanks work?

How Do RV Water Systems Work? Your potable water tank is just that. It holds fresh, clean, drinkable water that is pumped through your RV’s faucets, shower, and toilet. These three tanks are maintained through ports on the outside of your rig, generally nearby to your electrical hookup.

How do you know when your RV water tank is full?

You can tell when your RV water tank is full by either watching the water-level gauge (if your model has one), listen for water coming from the overflow (if you fill using the city inlet), or if you have a gravity fill, the water will splash back.

Where is the fresh water drain valve?

Typically, the fresh water tank drain location is located on the underbelly of your RV, right underneath your freshwater tank, and will be attached to a pipe or hose.

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How do I drain my RV fresh water tank?

Flush Gray Water Holding Tank. Drain RV Fresh Water Tank. Grey Water Tank Drain (ALWAYS do your gray tanks last)

  1. Connect the sewer drain hose to the gray tank outlet.
  2. Open the drain valve.
  3. Wait for the tank to empty.
  4. If your rig has another gray water tank, repeat steps 1-3.
  5. Remove the sewer drain hose.

How do I drain my RV water tank?

Drain Water Heater. On the outside of your water heater either remove the drain plug in the lower left had corner or open the drain valve in the same location. By leaving a faucet open on the hot water side, air will equalize pressure and easily drain the tank.

How do I unclog my RV water pipes?

Flush the fresh water tank with bleach

  1. When all the water is out, close up your valves and flush your fresh water tank with a bleach-water solution.
  2. Next, fill the tank the rest of the way with clean water.
  3. Let your RV sit overnight with the water lines filled with the bleach-water solution in the lines.

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